I’ll be your mirror – Ashford gallery, R.H.A Sept 2016

Local artist Brian Hegarty has just finished a very successful exhibition in the Ashford Gallery in the RHA in Dublin.

This is Brian’s biggest show to date and the exhibition, entitled ‘I’ll be your mirror’, consists of a grid installation of 120 re-appropriated vinyl record sleeves.

Edited versions of this exhibition were held in the Basement Gallery Dundalk 2015 and at the Cartridge Gallery, Finland 2014

‘My current work appropriates used vinyl record sleeves to create new visual and contextual possibilities derived form their original design intent .

This exhibition ‘I’ll be your mirror’ is a response to our cut and paste culture,’ explained Brian.

‘We are bombarded daily with a constant mish mash of information and visual stimuli which we must wade through, decipher and process into a whole that reflects our world view. With visual juxtapositions and chance connections my work opens out disjointed narratives, where snippets of the recognisable are aside un-coded texts, signs and symbols.

‘Collage in many ways seems an appropriate means to express our contemporary experience – it is the recycling and reprocessing our collective past, present and future.’

Brian was born in Dublin in 1970 and now lives and works in Drogheda.

He graduated from D.I.T in 1994 and has since had solo shows in Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku. Lapua, Finland, Catherine Hammond Gallery, the Joinery, the Droichead Arts Centre and the Erin Devine Galley, Kentucky.

From 2011 – 2014 he worked with artist led collective Nexus Arts before forming ‘thirty three – 45’ in 2015, curating and producing events and exhibitions.

He has worked with artists as diverse as Gee Vaucher from anarcho punk collective CRASS, Italian street artist Erica IL Cane, Wayne Kramer from the MC5, Canadian sound artist Mark Templeton and Steven Stapleton from Nurse with wound.