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The old nothing is the new something – Ambiplexy ( unreleased 2021 Music – Brian Hegarty )

The old nothing is the new something

Post Merriment Axiety

Post Merriment Anxiety – Limited edition Lathe cut clear vinyl lp 2021 All tracks Brian Hegarty – Mastered 2 to 4 by Colin Potter. Lathes made by Bladud Flies, Wales

Woke up in a whirlwind
Burn while reading
Idleness in the afterlife
Post Anxiety Merriment


DRAG ACID Issue 1 Photozine and CDR. Music as Cut off point. 2020

All as it seems – Cut off point

The Joy Fracture

Limited cassette split LP From the ‘The Joy Fracture’ & ‘Arc Pioneer’.

50 only Engraved Wooden box, badge , sticker, fold out sheet and spent bullet. Sold out 2017

The Joy Fracture – Heaven is the whole of a heart